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Heart of the Valorous Buff This Weekend

Beginning Friday, July 11 at 9:00 a.m. PDT, through Monday, July 14 at 9:00 a.m. PDT, we’ll be applying the Heart of the Valorous buff which will increase the rate of Valor Point gains an additional 100%. Don’t wait to get in on the action!

It would be a GREAT idea to let toons on the 'A Test Of Valor' quest pump them out as fast as possible. Sorta like how Blizz lets PvP folk who are behind the curve catch up.

Yeah, yet another buff that, albeit useful and unexpected, does many players no good whatsoever, since I along with same said players, I have already capped valor for the week. Bumping the valor cap to 2000-3000 would be a welcomed gesture from those players who the buff is intended to help. And at this far along into the expansion, I cannot see a reason to not make it a permanent change, both the buff and the proposed cap bump.

I really don't want to have to farm massive amounts of valor in a short amount of time on all of my alts, just so they don't fall behind. Unless it's permanent (And even that would mean I'd fall behind without huge amounts of farming, as it'd be possible to be 4/4 on all gear immediately) , no thanks.

This isn't making me want to go valor cap any more than before. The cap is too low to be useful to the vast majority of players and all the methods (at least available to me) of getting valor are boring as hell. LFR and Heroic Scenarios don't become more fun just because I get extra valor for doing them.

It would be a HUGE boost for Toastiekins if you implemented it on weekly reset (Tuesday).


shadow moonvalley

Hiding just beneath the bright starlight stay night, Delaney's tomb temple - Kala Bo took the fall Shadowmoon Valley the picturesque forest. While many studies Shadowmoon Valley residents in Kala Bo ancient prophecy stone ring, the conspirators were harboring evil intentions of the ambush in the valley beneath the intricate stone crypt, staring greedily sacred temple.

Taradeau Delano is the center, located in the heart of the continent's cross was connected to the ocean river into two halves, the river provides a natural thing between maritime trade and water transport channel. Central Taradeau is a magnificent cathedral city, it is an ancient cultural and architectural heritage Delaney, and now the city has been occupied by steel tribes.

Ogre at sea Nagrand occupied a vast south, they want to dominate this land and enslave the orcs living in this generation. In addition, there are more hidden evil lurking around: a strange fog spread from the central plains, surrounded by elements of the throne, as if from another world Oshu'gun Crystal's treasure is attracting people from around Delano .


Fourth and Third

Fourth place: Steel Battle scorpion. Representatives Goalkeepers: Petr Cech

This giant scorpions guarding the gates of Orgrimmar, you can use to describe the tenacious enough to withstand gamers bombing. Speaking tenacious goalkeeper, I am afraid to belong Czech goalkeeper Petr Cech. Before the Premier League's best goalkeeper injured nearly lost their lives in Chelsea, but six months after his return to the game and tenacious, the fact that the risk of injury to him nothing.

Third place: Sapphiron. Representatives Goalkeepers: Kahn

Malygos servant, died and was resurrected for the Ice Dragon Lich King, guarding in front of Kel'Thuzad. 60 years, how many players are blocking it, especially the terrible freezing rain, enough to kill everything. And to describe the goalie with ice-cold German goalkeeper Oliver Kahn is undoubtedly, the former hero of expression has always been cold and heartless. However, he was on the field I'm afraid no one knows, of Bayern Munich and Germany have made meritorious contributions, but helpless grief World Cup.


Personal understanding output cycle

After the fresh feeling in the past, individual weapons ignited a little idea.

Let me talk about the conclusion ignite arms talent for strategic weapons card hand.

New talent is talent ignite arms warfare output cycle before the birth of major changes, at first glance, mad tyrants cool. However, for the new version of the cycle of warfare, there are a big problem, and that is anger. 30 Fury says Gao Bugao say low is not low, BLZ cancel a heroic fight, let beheaded join the cycle of warfare, making the moment this skill quite embarrassing, not just the right time to use. Personal feeling on this skill within the skill cycle is not necessary.

Anger to fight hard hit, with high anger stage already wreaked enough beheaded. BLZ expect redesigned in subsequent versions of this column talent warfare. So that the 3-series fighter unique.

Then talk about Gladiator talent. First of all, this talent is based defense specialization. So in this posture output, blow up, leveling, the viability of the soldiers than to the good warfare much more. Flat cut not to anger, but the output is not the lack of anger, revenge, and Shield Slam provide enough anger, and anger is very low consumption shield impact itself, but also provide bonus damage BUFF, plus gesture comes with its own damage increased by 20% , the output efficiency is guaranteed. Defense, there is also a barrier shields are available, the group can be guaranteed to pull it just to live.

Back to the blood side, compared to the other two Specialization, enjoy the frenzy effect Gladiator defense specialization blood, automatic multi-hit attack with out starting this effect can thus restore some blood, though not much, but better than nothing. Circulation, the use of Devastate (200% weapon damage) as a filling, straining Shield Slam Revenge accumulation of anger, and then use the shield under the impact of high anger to vent their anger with the heroic fight, probably so.


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